The Collection


Kia ora kotiro,

In some way, we are all doing our part towards bringing about change for women across the globe. We all come from very different circumstances; working for different organisations, supporting different causes, following different faiths and working within different communities.

We all have something in common despite our differences …. we all support women in some way. Why not stand together, collaborate and see how we can help each other change the world? We want to share this beautiful new adventure with you … it is called RMJ United.

We designed RMJ United as a platform to represent women, highlight their work and to advocate for change. This space is about embracing our diversity and being united in our goals. At RMJ United we are women united in our beliefs, united in our rights and united in our advocacy for women across the globe.

The Collection is is full of stories, experiences and thought provoking ideas from women, who are advocating for women, across the globe. If you have an opinion piece, experience or story you would like to share to inspire women around the world, please contact the RMJ United team at

We would love to hear how you are changing the world one step at a time.

Mechelle Moore | Founder & CEO

RMJ United

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