Tell me why?


I have a very strong passion on writing. However, I feel like I am undergoing a period of slump because I can’t think of anything to write these days. So, when Mechelle, an inspiring friend, offered me a chance to contribute in a blog, I instantly asked her to give me a topic to write about. It was because I thought it would help me and it really did. Her question really got me to think deeply and write down what I feel.

“Why as a Karen female do you think you can help your people?”

 This question is asked in a way that makes me feel empowered because it implies that I am capable to help my people and I just need to find the answer why I can be of assistance. Therefore, I came to a conclusion that I need to present myself as a young woman who possess characteristics of someone who can help others.

Through closely analyzing the question, my answer is that in order to help others, one needs to know the needs of others and their willingness to be helped. In addition, one must sacrifice something whether it be tangible or intangible things to assist others. To name a few, there are time, money, skills, knowledge, and materials.

Among all type of questions, I found out that I am not good at answering questions start with ‘why’. It is because it drives me to evaluate situations, people, events and the hardest part of it is assessing myself. A common question that candidates face during any interview is, “Why do you think you deserve this job/position/scholarship/award?”. Then, people usually tend to talk about qualities or experiences that will impress the interviewers or make them stand out among other applicants. Basically, it’s all about promoting yourself.

However, I was brought up among people who taught me to be humble, to not boast and to not think highly of myself. So, I am stunned whenever people expect me to talk about my strengths and areas I want to improve. It is because people I met when I was a child did not encourage me to speak about what I’m good at because they regarded it as a kind bragging. Compared to the last few years, I think I am now better at expressing myself and openly say what my strengths and weaknesses are.

“I am a Karen ethnic who is compassionate and persistent. I love to observe others and situations around me as well as events across the globe. In addition, I am interested in social structures and cultures that shape people to be who they are. This kind of curiosity enhances my critical thinking and in understanding others. My favorite thing to do is to reflect. Reflecting gives me a sense of feeling that I can do this or I can improve myself to be able to realize what I want to achieve.”

– Naw Tha Dah Ni Win

I think these traits that dwell in me makes me valuable to reach out to other people efficiently. Like learning organizations, I’m willing to learn from my mistakes and find alternative ways to make myself, others, and this world better. This is why I can confidently say that I am capable to support others in collaboration with other great people and as an individual as well.


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