My Person


*Article re-posted with permission from Living with anxiety me.

Living with Anxiety Me

I was always told as a girl that I wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that no matter how good I am or how perfect I am, I still won’t be good enough for everyone.
As a young woman dreaming of one day finding the man of my dreams, and also watching my parents go through a troubling divorce, it was important for me to realise that even at my absolute best, I will still not be good enough for the wrong person.

I was always fearful of not being able to find a man who could accept me, anxiety and all. I imagined that having a girlfriend who will sometimes have panic attacks in public, a girlfriend who will overthink small things and who will sometimes be overly emotional and feel rejected by small hurts would be exhausting. Having a girlfriend who has no self esteem constantly looking…

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