Step by Step


Today Global Alms Incorporated published a media release announcing that as their CEO-Asia, I am now a new partner of the Kiah Elevating Excellence program. This might not seem so significant to you, but for me this is a big deal!

“We are excited to announce that our Chief Executive Officer – Asia, Mechelle Moore, has recently been selected as a new partner for the Kiah Elevating Excellence program.” – Global Alms Incorporated

Media Release | Global Alms Incorporated CEO is now a partner of the Kiah Elevating Excellence Program | November 2017

Although I am the CEO & Founder of RMJ United, my full-time position is currently as CEO-Asia for Global Alms Incorporated based on the Thai/Burma border. Global Alms Incorporated is a growing Australian based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the elimination of trafficking, sexual exploitation and physical abuse of men, women and children.

The Kiah Elevating Excellence program is designed to focus on “selected individuals who inspire, create and make a difference to those around them, and with just a little help, could do so much more”, says John Glenn, Managing Director and Founder of Kiah Consulting.

“The Elevating Excellence program is our contribution—using who and what we know to give a hand to a few who have talent, a drive and a vision.  We call it Elevating Excellence because we aim to support our partners to level up, to take that jump to the next stage of their careers.” – Kiah Consulting

I have worked extremely hard over the last 6 years to help Global Alms Incorporated grow into what is it today. Thankfully, we have a great team of young men and women who are passionate about our work in Anti-Human Trafficking. In this industry it is extremely difficult to build an organisation from the ‘ground up’ without professional guidance, but with persistence and hard work we have done it.

The Kiah Elevating Excellence program will provide networks and resources for me to grow professionally and expand my work in both Global Alms Incorporated and RMJ United.  I have learnt it is extremely important to challenge yourself as an individual; not only investing in yourself, but in your team. The more I grow, develop and improve, the more my team will do the same. For me to invest in them, I need to first invest in myself.

I believe we should celebrate the small wins, not just the big achievements. This is an exciting time for me and also my teams.



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